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IF …

December 1, 2012

IF …

… God doesn’t love everybody individually,

then i don’t need to love everybody individually;

… the blood of Jesus doesn’t pay for all SIN,

then i don’t need to forgive;

… God doesn’t hear and answer prayers,

then i don’t need to pray;

… the Bible doesn’t speak the truth of God,

then i don’t need to speak His word to each and everyone;

… everyone who needs Jesus will come to church,

then i don’t need to go to those who are hurting.


           God DOES love everybody individually,
AND the blood of Jesus DOES pay for all sin,
AND God DOES hear and answer prayers,
AND the Bible DOES speak the truth of God,
AND NOT everyone who needs Jesus will come to church.


           i DO need to love everybody individually,
AND i DO need to forgive,
AND i DO need to pray,
AND i DO need to speak His word to each and everyone,
AND i DO need to go to those who are hurting.

or …                 i am COMPELLED by the LOVE of  GOD

         to LOVE,
                             to FORGIVE,
                                                           to PRAY,
                             to SPEAK,

and to GO to EACH PERSON in ALL the world.

Praying …
Consumed in His glory, for His glory, that others may bring Him glory.


A Normal Life?

October 19, 2012

Someone said to me “All I want is a normal life.”

I don’t know what a normal life would be like.

My life would not fit any of the statistics of normality.

So I lean on Jesus –
And the storms of my life become lessons for walking on water with Him.
So I lean on Jesus –
And the ones who hurt me are lessons on loving others with Him.
So I lean on Jesus –
And the pain, rejections, and loneliness become, through His example, lessons on walking in the Father’s will.

And in His presence, wearing His armor, filled with the Holy Spirit,

I find peace that is beyond understanding,

                      joy that is unspeakable,

                               strength and purpose for running the race set before me,

and the courage and comfort of my Lord Who has never left me nor forsaken me.

Because I lean on Jesus, my un-normal life can become a light for others to see Jesus in the things I do and glorify my Father which is in heaven.

Consumed in His glory; for His glory; that others may bring Him glory.

And by the way, my learning to lean has been a journey that began in 1969 and is still continuing as each day is filled with lessons from Him on how to walk closer to Him.
Praying …


September 24, 2012

inspired from a post by Holiness Today on facebook

This week look for opportunities to impact others in tangible ways as you:

Pray. Listen. Act. Share. Love.

Praying           without listening is a monologue;
Listening       without acting is disobedience;
Acting              without sharing is powerless;
Sharing            without loving is condescending;
Loving              without praying is sourceless.

Pray + Listen + Act + Share + Love = Matthew 5:16

GOD receives all the glory!

Keep Praying …

September 21, 2012
Do you ever feel like, when you pray, God doesn’t hear you?

A prayerful answer that God gave me when i was asked this honest question this morning:

Sometimes. i find that there is normally one of two reasons.

First, as the psalmist said,  “If I regard iniquity in my heart, You will not hear me.”
The answer is to ask God to search your heart and know your thoughts and to show you if there is any sin in you, and to lead you in His righteousness for His Name’s sake.
Second, when we pray,  sometimes we are praying from our perspective, and not God’s – sort of leaning on our own understanding (out of fear, pride, and/or ignorance).
The solution here is to “Be still! and know that He is God!” Remember that we are His creation; that His will is to be done; that He knows more than we do; that He has already demonstrated the reality of His love for us in His death on the cross; and count the many different ways he has blessed us with thanksgiving.
Hope this helps.
Keep Praying,
and know that i am Praying …

Steadfast and Unmovable

September 12, 2012

“Steadfast and Unmovable”  is a sermon based on 1 Corinthians 15:58.

It was preached on 2 September 2012, at Cenchrea Church of the Nazarene in Louisiana.

Renewed Through The Eyes Of Another

November 7, 2011

a young child toddles up to Momma

“Look! Pretty!”

and holds up a handful of flowers.

As she stoops to help him pick more,  she remembers this morning’s comment

“The yard needs mowing.  Even the weeds are blooming!”

Today i drive down streets that i have known for over 30 years;

and i see them as though for the first time, because this morning,

i tried to explain to my brother-in -law how to find a place –

and this was his third day in town!

The face of Jesus seems dimmed,

and the acts of God an expected result,

and your daily spiritual exercise a routine habit?

Are you discipling/mentoring another?

Matthew 28:18-20  and 2 Timothy 2:2


How To Be Passionate For Jesus?

October 27, 2011

Some suggestions :

DELIGHT in the Word of God – Psalm 1:1-3;

SEEK first His kingdom and His righteousness – Matthew 6:33;

WALK in the Holy Spirit – Galatians 5:16;

DESIRE the salvation of others – Romans 10:1;


1 Thessalonians 5: all; Philippians 4:4-9.




(all 24/7)


Consumed in His Glory, for His Glory, that others may bring Him Glory.

(still trying to define and live this in my life)

praying …